Logo Design 

Logo Design 

Relay Creative is a devoted team of professionals who live and breathe design. Our team is built of creative engineers who specialize in logo designgraphic designweb design, and video services for nonprofit organizations and small to medium businesses, in a variety of industries. We have more than 25 years of experience, which allows our master designers to create the best logo designs our customers have ever seen. 

Logo Design Basics

Logo design is the process of designing a symbol that portrays a company’s personality to the public. The logo design is used in business’s letterheads, advertising materials, and signs as an emblem by which the business can easily be recognized. There are so many companies and so many advertisements that are brought to people’s attention, that having a professional logo design will make your company stand out amongst your competitors. 


Logo Design Elements 

There are many elements that go into logo design. Whether it be shape, color, stylization, etc. It is important to remember that those are not the only things that go into an effective logo design. The most effective elements are as follows: 

Simplicity – It’s easy to get off track and try incorporating all of your company’s ideas into one image,but this often confuses your viewers and doesn’t become memorable. 

Versatility – Logos should be designed to be used on various media, such as web and print, as well as being able to grow or shrink in size while remaining clear. 

Uniqueness – There are many logos in the world today, meaning yours needs to be unique to your business and the services you provide. This is how you become memorable. 

Relevance – The logo is more than just a cool design, it stands for what your company believes in and what your customers can come to expect. A relevant logo is targeted and purposeful. 


Logo Design Purpose 

Much like others types of design, the purpose of logo design is to grow your company’s brand recognition. The more your company is recognized, the larger your customer base is. Additionally, it also means your company will grow quicker as potential customers will more easily recognize you. 


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