Video Editing 

Video Editing 

Relay Creative is a devoted team of professionals who live and breathe design. Our team is built of creative engineers who specialize in videographic designweb design, and marketing services for nonprofit organizations and small to medium businesses, in a variety of industries. We have more than 25 years of experience, which allows our master designers to create the best graphic designs our customers have ever seen.  

Video Editing Basics

Video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video shots. Video editing is used to structure and present all video information into a single message and purpose. The process behind video editing is very labor and time sensitive. To get the proper message and information across to viewers, a simple three-minute video could take hours to edit. Without proper video editing, great video and messages will be lost in the translation. 


Importance of Video Editing 

Without video editing, the flow may not end up as smooth as it was in planned in pre-production. The editing portion of video production is a key element to producing a video that will grab and audience’s attention, and in the case of business, lead to greater sales. To reach these greater sales, the video editing must do the following: 

Produce Clear Sound – Without clear sound coming through, such as talking, music, or sound effects, audiences will be less likely to react to the call to action. 

Smooth Flow – There are many segments that go in to a video, and without proper editing, the flow of the video gets disrupted and confuses the message. 

Show off the Product or Service – For any video production project, having background footage of the product or service being sold is very important. But, knowing how to properly input that background footage is key to having the target audience purchase your product or service. 


Video Editing Purpose 

The purpose to all video editing is to ensure that your message comes across clear to your target audience. In the case of businesses, the message is mainly to do with giving information on your product or services. Having properly edited video content over the services will only increase your bottom line. 


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