Print Design 

Print Design 

Relay Creative is a devoted team of professionals who live and breathe design. Our team is built of creative engineers who specialize in print designgraphic designweb design, and video services for nonprofit organizations and small to medium businesses, in a variety of industries. We have more than 25 years of experience, which allows our master designers to create the best print designs our customers have ever seen. 

Print Design Basics

Print design is a graphic design process who’s end product is a digital form that gets printed onto materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, ceramics and much more. Print design does not include the process of printing. It is simply the design element that will go on to a printed media. Print design is done for various purposes; however, the main purpose is marketing and brand awareness. 


Types of Print Design 

There are many different types of print design, but like graphical design, many can overlap with each other. However, there are a few main types of print design. Those main types of print design are as follows: 

Banner and Flyer Design – These designs are for the purposes of printing a message onto various types of materials, such as cloth, vinyl, tarp, and sometimes waterproof paper. 

Packaging and Bag Design – Every sort of product has to go some sort of distribution process. This means that it all comes with packaging and or bags. Having specifically designed bags or packaging will increase brand recognition. 

Promotional Items – Items such as T-shirts, water bottles, or souvenirs fall under promotional items. These items are used as a marketing scheme to get your company’s logo and or message out, which increases brand recognition. 

Business Cards – A necessity to every type of business, having professionally designed business cards will make customers more likely to start using your products or services as you appear more trustworthy. 


Print Design Purpose 

The purpose to any print design is to first show off the message behind either your product or services. A well-done print design will draw in a potential customer while also increasing your brand recognition rate. All of which means you are raising your company’s bottom line. 


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