About This Project

The team at Relay Creative Group were phenomenal to work with — start to finish! They have a sense of what is going to look good and preform well at a trade show. We’ve been producing some raw video of me demonstrating how our welding tools work and in this session we refined the products we have in a video reel. The display is stunning!

—Randy Ballard, CEO, AlumaReel USA

We had about a month to work with AlumaReel USA to prepare them for FabTech 2018 conference. Our work was cut out for us creating materials for a giant display, 2-sided stand up banners and a product video reel. But that’s not a problem for our creative team who can create and produce everything you could possibly need for your next trade show!

We’ve got all the right ingredience to build out your branded display materials. If you contact us before September 1st we’ll include up to 10 images (FREE) from our iStockPhoto.com library as part of our service agreement.

—Shawn Sturm, Creative Director, Relay Creative Group

What made working with AlumaReel USA and Randy Ballard a breeze was an awesome product line of welding tools and a manager with a wide open mindset. Randy is the coolest! If you are a welder or manage other welders, you have to check out their tools. Truly, they are and will interrupt the traditional mindset for welders who work off the back of their support vehicle.

Reach out to Relay Creative Group for trade show brochures, banner and booth display!

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