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My goal was to freshen up my dental practice and increase our reach. After conducting thorough market research, Relay Creative Group helped us identify our target market, rename and refresh our brand. Everybody just loves it!

—Dr. Dennis Carlile, DDS

Dr. Carlile approached our team with the task of refreshing his brand for the purpose of growing his dental practice.After our first creative briefing, we looked at him and asked the scary question, “Are you willing to change the name of your business?” We could see immediately that “A Family Dentist” was subject to the advertising channels of yesteryear. His company was competing for first read in the Yellow Pages long after its use is mostly extinct. Such a transition in technology and common practices is one reason a one should decide to rebrand. He said, “Yes. I’m open to a name change if it is the right thing to do.”

Relay Creative Group started on a journey to discover the dentists’ target market.We examined client psychographics, conducted surveys and implemented email marketing. We were surprised by what we uncovered. After conducting extensive demographic research in his area, we were able to help Dr. Carlile determine a target market which was not quite what he’d expected. After conducting extensive demographic research in his area, we discovered a much more specific target than he had anticipated. This discovery fueled the selection of the new name and new brand.
Once a name was decided we created a brand story, brand script, a logo design and advised him regarding signage and identity. We loved working on this project with open minds and a willingness to refresh an already successful dental practice. Today Kenosha Breeze Family Dental is experiencing positive growth and renews its vision to serve the Tulsa Metro.

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