Relay Creative Group exists to uniquely develop and represent compelling messages.

We are a devoted team of creative professionals who live and breathe design. We are creative engineers at heart who specialize in graphic design, web design, video, and marketing services for non-profit organizations and small to medium businesses in various industries. We served clients for over 13 years as Sturmedia before we decided to regroup, rename and rebrand ourselves in 2017. This fresh start, backed by more than 25 years of experience, fanned the flame in our core and has mobilized our team to reach out to more clients in new industries. Creativity and design are at the heart of all we do. We have our own master-designers on staff who collaborate with our creative director and each client to develop strategic plans for each project. We believe in relationships; we are devoted to maintaining connection with our clients from onset to completion every single time. Our commitment is simple: We help our clients start right and finish strong.   

We chose to specialize in creative design because…

We love converting the power of imagination into a compelling visual message.

Whether expressed through fine or functional art, we believe in the importance of inspiring visual communication in the human experience.

We love being different, and we love making a difference.

We have always loved standing out and standing up for good.  We are different, and that’s the way we like it. We aren’t ambitious to be like everyone else.  We bring that value to our clients as well. We are passionate about celebrating and authentically representing each client’s unique mission.

We love working as a team on a daily basis.

Working as a team makes the creative process so much fun.  We are one all-in team. A team is better than the sum of its individual parts. No lone rangers or solo-heros here.  We’re all in it together. No single project rests on any one person’s shoulders. We bear the load together, each offering our unique insight and skill.

We love solving problems.

Designers are engineers of creativity.  We see the world differently and solve problems in unique ways.  We love the look on clients’ faces when they feel they’ve hit a dead end only to discover we’ve uncovered the entrance to a series of underground tunnels or found the key to a hidden door on their behalf.  This kind of work makes it hard to go to sleep at night because we live in anticipation of the new adventures we will take the next day.

We love learning new things.  

Everyday is a new day in the creative world; it’s a good thing we love mastering new tools, technology and ever-changing design trends.  Growing with advancements in technology is a major perk in our business. We get to express and illustrate significant ideas in new ways day after day.

We love analyzing design in everyday life, discovering deeper meanings in design, and making friends all over the world.  Have we mentioned we love what we do?