5 Easy Steps to Becoming Trade Show Ready

Preparing for a trade show can seem overwhelming and daunting. Start planning and meet with your team now to avoid a reactive, last-minute rush. Choose a creative agency that can help you deliver a cohesive strategy for all of your exhibit materials.

One of the first things you should do with your team is to review your business strategy to make sure you are on-target. Review your current quarterly goals, discuss how the trade show will support your goals and have a plan in place to capture leads and follow up with prospects. Make sure you’re exhibiting among the correct audience and go for it!


Follow these 5 easy steps to inspire and accelerate your trade show:

trade show collateral design

1. OFFER Amazing Deals. By amazing we’re not insinuating you cut prices. Rather, make sure the way that you package your offering is perceived as a value-rich solution. Trade show visitors attend to keep up with current trends. The way you present your product offerings will determine if they actually become customers. Take time to elaborate with them.

2. DISPLAY with Excellence. There is so much visual stimulus to compete with at every trade show. Make sure your exhibit materials stand out, are produced with excellence, and have an attractive curbside appeal. Talk to Relay Creative Group about developing cohesive brand collateral where your brochures, line sheets, exhibit display, website, and videos are all in sync. This will cultivate an emotional response of confidence with your prospects.

3. INFORM with Simplicity. Visual communication — whether print, digital, web or video — should promote two things: legibility and understanding. If your brochure or display is overcrowded and confusing, potential customers will quickly leave your exhibit.

4. EDUCATE with Authenticity. Avoid using marketing buzz words and inside knowledge to sound smart. Just be authentic, seek to educate, and tell your story. Let others choose you without coercion.

5. ASK for Connectivity. Always ask for a follow up when you meet people at a trade show. If prospects really need your services, they will find it refreshing that they were able to make a connection with you. A follow up after the trade show will not be awkward if you ask.


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