Finishing a Race Strong is Interdependent Upon Each Leg of the Relay

Finishing a Race Strong is Interdependent Upon Each Leg of the Relay

“Every leg of a relay race is strategic in purpose and order of priority. Success is interdependent on each runner’s effort.” 

Life and business are similar; both take a holistic plan to be successful.



A successful balance of life includes faith, nutrition, exercise, work ethic, me time — and caring for your loved ones. When any one of those are lacking we experience health and relationship trouble. The elements of your personal life make up the composite whole of your overall happiness and success. Your business is no different.

Every healthy, sustainable business must have effective branding, marketing, website, social media and video services to let the world know they exist and how companies can connect with them. Whenever one of these areas are lacking, it affects the overall health of the business. It suffers.

You could build the best website or mobile app, but if you have never spent the quality time to establish your branding — how you are perceived in the marketplace — you will never be able to direct your targeting. You’ll be going nowhere, fast!

If you spend a lot of time building your brand, but never include video as a strategic way to engage the emotions of your customers, you leave tons of sales on the table. Why? Because the world is mainly watching video these days.

“According to Forrester’s 2009 study, it is more than 50 times easier to get ranked in the first page of Google results with a video than with a standard text page.”



IF your organization or company is going to run strong and viable in the marketplace, you must have a holistic marketing approach. Give each leg of your business marketing race attention and watch the synergy grow your sales!

That’s why at Relay Creative Group we are focused on promoting a holistic plan for businesses. You will see a healthier business arise by allowing us to develop the 5 disciplines every business must have to be successful: branding, design, marketing, interactive and video services.

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